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the Slatts pages by Phil Slattery. They contain, my Rescue Belt Knot page, my Fire chains page and a page of icons, fonts and Cursors. Then there's Forestry the Web Site with Helicopter Pictures and stories.

Do you ever travel in the wilds, back pack, or have you ever needed a rescue or safety or escape rope? Then you need to visit the Slatts Rescue Rope Knot page.

Secondly. Have you ever wanted to put on a really impressive show? In that case visit my Fire Chains site.

Thirdly. Forestry, the Web Site. These pages are only of interest to those who have worked for BEAS Helicopters, Dollar Helicopters or PDG Helicopters on the forestry operation since 1969.

One of the great things about the Internet is it's "error checking" function. That is it's ability to let us verify those facts our politicians bandy about and we foolish voters use to take as gospel. (Though perhaps with wee a pinch of salt.)
"Tough on crime" sounds great and so does "Tough on Drugs" but throwing people in jail is 15 times less effective than treatment and three times more expensive . (Rand Corp.) Every hour of every day 560 people die from tobacco yet whilst no one has ever died from a cannabis overdose, we arrest 100,000 cannabis users a year. Does that make any sense? Please take the time to read what else I found.

Lastly, some Freebies to Download.

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