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A number of people have criticised this list for claiming that some of those listed are drug addicts. They have missed the point, which was to show that using cannabis is not as harmful as prohibitionist would have us believe and one little puff of a joint will not, as they frequently claim, lead one to become a deadbeat junkie.
In fact what it does show is that a lot of very successful people have partaken of a substance that is now recognised as the safest intoxicant known to man.


A new campaign to prevent tobacco addiction from cannabis use.

Page of people who some have claimed used cannabis but my search found otherwise.

Here is a list of notable reformers.


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Some Famous Cannabis Users.

This list was complied from various postings to newsgroups and from web pages on the net. I cannot vouch for it's 100% accuracy. If anyone wishes to add or dispute the entries I will be happy to change them.
Some are duplicated, as in John Lenon and the Beatles, if they are famous in their own right. Some were medical users like Queen Victoria. Some may not have used it themselves but advised its use like Emperor Liu Chi-nu.
However for some of the names I can find no corroboration that they used cannabis. Therefore, as I research it further names will be removed to another page. Elvis for example "despised pot smokers".

There are several other sites that have similar lists you may like to look at :

Here is a list of notable reformers I have started.

If you want to add a name to this list please e-mail me and if possible say where the information came from. I will in time hope to link each name to a quote or URL to prevent disputes.


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