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G-LAMA near Wick, May 2001.

I am not doing Forestry any more so alas will not be updating the diary part of the site any more. But please, if you any photos that you would like to see published here, send them in.

Rugby Shirts

1999 was the thirtieth anniversary year of Forestry. Yes, believe it or not we started in 1969.
So Pete Hodges has had some commemorative rugby shirts made. The shirt is black with three stripes. Blue for BEAS Helicopters, Red for Dollar and Green for PDG. The badge is an embroidered Lama and bucket with the text. "30 YEARS OF FORESTRY 1969 TO 1999". Here's a scan of the badge area.
Pete may have some left so contact me for more details.

I am still putting together a photo and text history of our Forestry operation over the years up to the year 2000. If anyone can contribute any stories or photos they will be gratefully received

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